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A collection of datasets.

Usage: Between 100 and 1000 domains
PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from DataCatalog
dataset Dataset A dataset contained in this catalog.
Inverse property: includedInDataCatalog.
measurementTechnique Text  or
A technique or technology used in a Dataset (or DataDownload, DataCatalog), corresponding to the method used for measuring the corresponding variable(s) (described using variableMeasured). This is oriented towards scientific and scholarly dataset publication but may have broader applicability; it is not intended as a full representation of measurement, but rather as a high level summary for dataset discovery.

For example, if variableMeasured is: molecule concentration, measurementTechnique could be: "mass spectrometry" or "nmr spectroscopy" or "colorimetry" or "immunofluorescence".

If the variableMeasured is "depression rating", the measurementTechnique could be "Zung Scale" or "HAM-D" or "Beck Depression Inventory".

If there are several variableMeasured properties recorded for some given data object, use a PropertyValue for each variableMeasured and attach the corresponding measurementTechnique.

Instances of DataCatalog may appear as values for the following properties

PropertyOn TypesDescription
includedInDataCatalog Dataset A data catalog which contains this dataset. Supersedes includedDataCatalog.
inverse property: dataset.


This class is based upon W3C DCAT work, and benefits from collaboration around the DCAT, ADMS and VoID vocabularies. See for full details and mappings.

Schema Version 3.3